LIFE4 Pearl 1 Submission

タイトルの通りです / As the title says

Note on version exclusives and packs

  • Version: A3
    • I am mainly on white cab
  • Packs I have myself
    • both jubeat packs
    • both Touhou Project packs
    • music pack vol.17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22
      • I don't have the following songs myself: Wow Wow VENUS CSP, CRAZY LOVE CSP, songs on vol.14, ALGORITHM CSP, Blue Rain CSP
    • all BPL packs (0〜8)
    • UNDERTALE pack


  • Lamp: Green
  • All 14s over 980k (4E)
    • missing: DDR TAGMIX -LAST DanceR- DSP, 阿波おどり -Awaodori- やっぱり踊りはやめられない ESP, MAX.(period) DSP (+ Blue Rain CSP)
  • PFC 48 14s: 52 PFCed


  • Lamp: Red
    • missing for blue: Over the "Period" DSP
  • All 15s over 955k (4E)
    • floor: Remain ESP @ 965250
  • PFC 16 15s: 12 PFCed, substituting with MFC points


  • Lamp: Clear
  • All 16s over 910k (4E)
    • floor: 伐折羅-vajra- ESP @ 921050
  • PFC 2 16s: 2 PFCed
    • In the past ESP, 朧 (dj TAKA Remix) CSP


  • Lamp: Clear
    • I haven't played DIABLOSIS::Nāga ESP on gold cab yet
  • All 17s over 800k (9E)
    • missing: BREAKING THE FUTURE ESP, Rise As One ESP
  • AAA 2 17s: 3 AAAed


  • Clear 26 18s: 61 charts cleared
    • missing for lamp: Battle Against a True Hero CSP, CARTOON HEROES (20th Anniversary Mix) CSP, DIGITALIZER CSP, suspicions ESP
  • 910k+ an 18: 6 songs over 910k
    • MAX 360 ESP, スカーレット警察のゲットーパトロール24時 CSP, Air Heroes CSP, Elemental Creation CSP, Come to Life CSP, Healing-D-Vision CSP


  • MFC Points: 10 (substitute)
  • Earn Cobalt or above on 1 Trial: Devotion, Believe, Circadia

Closing Remarks

  • I got most of my new PFCs/AAAs through DDR GP packs. DDR pay2win game ez lol
    • forget about BREAKING THE FUTURE and Rise As One, they are 18s
  • The last requirement was either a 16 PFC, 4 more 15 PFCs or at least blue full combo of Over the "Period" DSP, and I was expecting to do this with 4 more 15 PFCs. Totally wasn't expecting a new 16 PFC. Also I got bad muscle memory on OtP, that's not going to happen any time soon...